Available Now: Atomic Radio

Howdy, folks!

I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for years now, I might’ve actually mentioned that here at some point back when I used this blog for more personal purposes. I enjoy talking about the things I’m interested in, obviously, and I enjoy sharing these interests with the world so much as I can.

So, premiering just last night, I recorded, edited and published a pilot episode for Atomic Radio, a personal/blogging podcast where I’ll be discussing all matters that interest me.

To include reviews of films, games, shows and more, discussing stories from my background and things that may be happening presently, reading stories I’ve written personally or discovered elsewhere, and more. Ultimately Atomic Radio will serve as a personality podcast for those who enjoy my content, or its creator.

You can currently find Atomic Radio on Anchor.fm and Spotify, as well as Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts and RadioPublic. the pilot episode is roughly an hour long for the sake of introductions and whatnot. If you’re interested, please do follow the links above. And if not, no worries, everyone’s got their preferences.



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